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  • Our R&D and the science behind the entire nutrient line.

  • Our commitment to innovation, we aren’t the same as any other brand.

  • Do you know the story behind our company?


Some nutrient brands work and many others don’t. Why? It’s because most nutrients are created as a general purpose blend, a “one size fits all” product. Diablo Nutrients is different because it’s engineered for one purpose.


Diablo Nutrients was developed to help build and grow exotic and medical plants.


Our competitive edge is our proprietary Nano-Emulsion Technology. This simply means our scientists have broken down the particles of our products to the most absorbable level possible. We've also paired the nutrients with a special Sequestering Formula (a delivery system) to help nutrients get to the right place, at the right time, and in the correct ratio.


At Diablo, we created a tailor-made formula that includes compounds and nutrients that build root structure, amplify and bulk up the size and number of flower sites, and ingredients that enhance the nutrient compounds. As such, the plant can use it faster and completely without any wasted energy. Additionally, Diablo has a product that enhances the oils and terpenes out-push which medical growers demand.


Smart nutrients for plants

Diablo nutrients
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