CX Horticulture is an industry leader in creating PGR free fertilizers & non-toxic pest and disease control since 1992. Guaranteed results for every grower!


Zip-Zag Bags are 100% made with materials sourced within America and Canada. The original and only really airtight and smell proof bags in the market.


Some nutrient brands work and many others don’t. Why? It’s because most nutrients are created as a general purpose blend, a “one size fits all” product. Diablo Nutrients is different because it’s engineered for one purpose.

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The Time-R is an innovative solution that replaces the need for short cycle timers. Back-lit digital display, multiple modes, and 1-sec accuracy make this the grower's perfect tool!

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Giro's make stainless steel, surgical-grade, pruners for all needs. The real titanium coat makes these incredibly sturdy and sharp.